Life Coach Biplab Kumar Prasad Author of the Book Discover The Genius In Yourself: Step By Step Guide To Harness Excellence

Facilitating  You  in identifying Your Self-Image.

Helping You Build Empowering Self-Image.

Coaching You to achieve Your Goals.

Transform Your Life Through Neuro Linguistic Programming and Mental Space Psychology

Life Coach Biplab Kumar Prasad's Speciality


Identify Self-Image

My Trainees and Coachees will be able to identify and connect with their Self-Image. 


Create Empowering Self-Image

Coachees will create empowering Self-Image and they will be able to be associated with it 


Learn how they create their reality

My Trainees will learn how they create their reality. They will  learn the process in which they create their reality


Learn to Change their Personal History

My Trainees will be able to change Personal History, as Personal History is Destiny.


Change Limiting Beliefs to Empowering Beliefs

My Coachees will learn to change Limiting Beliefs to Empowering Beliefs.


Learn how they code time

My Trainees will know how they code time and how they can integrate  Past, Present and Future with their transformed  Personal  History.



My Coachees will Learn the structure of Confidence as such being Confident will be their choice.


My Coachees will know where the Prolem is?

They will learn the Structure of the Problem and The Structure of their Outcome.

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Services Provided by Life Coach Biplab Kumar Prasad


One-on-one Coaching

Resolving Trauma

Dealing with Anger

Dealing with Anxiety

Dealing with Stress

Overcoming Depression

Building Healthy Relationship

Achieving Goals

Stage Fear


Dealing with Fear


Group Coaching

Self-Image Management

Peak Performance

Language Structure

Clean Language

Achieving Outcome


Conflict  Management

Meta Model

Milton Model

Managing States




Anger & Anxiety


Fear of Performance

Relationship Issues




Imbibing Excellence 

Releasing Negative Emotions


Workshops & Seminars

Self-Image Management

Peak Performance

Clean Language

Conflict Management



Changing Personal History

Changing Meta Programs

Modeling of Excellence

Belief Change

What Life Coach Biplab Kumar Prasad Does?

I am an NLP Master Practitioner. I have read over 1500 books on NLP, Coaching, Mental Space Psychology, Self Help etc. I have written the book Discover The Genius In Yourself: Step By Step Guide To Harness Excellence.

I Coach and Train people as well as write books.

I Coach.

I coach  people on  Clean Language,  Confidence Building, Overcoming Shyness, Depression,   Dealing with Anger, Stress, Anxiety, Disappointments , Self Doubt, Procrastination, Fear  etc. Resolving. Trauma


I Train

I Train  people on Peak Performance performance, Imbibing Positive Mental Attitude, Communicating with Impact, Changing Limiting Beliefs to Empowering Beliefs, Achieving Well-Formed Outcome. 


I Write.

I have written the book Discover the Genius in Yourself and my upcoming book is Embrace Confidence.




Self-Image Management

Mental Space Psychology has ushered a new paradigm in the field of Psychology which empowers  us to manage our self image in way that serves us. Dr Lukas Derks is the pioneer who has researched on the Subject. 

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