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Coaching is a commitment and compliment to listen to Coachee as well as dedicatedly strive to achieve the Well-Formed Outcome of the Coachee by knowing the structure of Problem State and creating the structure of Outcome State.

The difference between a Coach and a Trainer is the Position a Coach is beside You and a Trainer is right in front specifically in mental space as such the trainer is showing you the mirror and the coach is at same position of the Coachee and seeing from the eyes of Coachee and listening from ears of Coachee and Feeling what the Coachee is feeling and the Coach has  full access to the maps of Coachee.

Similarly in our relations also if anybody is in front and behind us in mental space there will be conflict but if anybody is besides us they will support and empower us like a Coach. A Coach stands two steps behind besides You and Coach is always in second position.

People hire Coach to achieve their goals,  to become successful, to face the challenges of life, to make decisions, to improve relationship etc.

People also hire Coach to solve issues like Trauma, Stress, Anger, Depression,  Fear& Phobia,  Anxiety, Diffidence, Fear of Performance

Coaching is not exactly a type of therapy but Coaching’s true elements has been derived from  Neuro-Linguistic-Programming and the Co-Creators of Neuro-Linguistic-Programming were influenced by renowned Therapists Milton H. Erickson and Virginia Satir. Conceptually Coaching involves using Meta Model, Milton Model and Clean Language.


One becomes a Life Coach by understanding the maps of Coachee and identifying the Structure of Problem State and guiding the Coachee to create the structure of Outcome State. The first thing a Coach should do is to unravel the Generalizations, Distortions and Deletions using Meta Model. Coach can use Generalization, Deletion and Distortion to suit the Outcome State of the Coachee. The ability to read the internal maps of a Coachee and the ability to use Meta Model, Milton Model and Clean Language makes somebody a good Life Coach, 

A Coach can be a Consultant  and a Consultant can be a Coach primarily a Coach works like a Consultant but all Consultants are not Coach as well.  A coach takes responsibility to solve the issues faced by the Coachee .  Coach first understands and listens to the outcome of the Coachee  then understands the structure of Problem State or understands the maps that hold the Structure of Problem State and guides Coachee to create the Outcome State on the other hand a Consultant will not go  in depth of matter like a Coach 

Hiring a Coach is  generally beneficial but the quality may vary from person to person and people should not be swayed by Certifications but rather prefer somebody who has better skill set. In India there are innumerable Coaches who may not have  any idea about Meta Model, Milton Model and Clean Language these are basic building blocks  of Coaching.

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