About Biplab Kumar Prasad

My Story

I loved training & coaching and when I was doing My MBA I started reading NLP(Neuro Linguistic Programming) books. I was the best Presenter of my MBA class. After completing my MBA I became Soft Skills Trainer and I worked with Synergy Group of Institutes, Tata Strive, Mahindra Pride, Macmillan Education etc.

Working as a Soft Skills Trainer was  disappointment for me neither your knowledge nor skills matter . An average Indian Soft Skills Trainer does not have any idea of the Five Stages of Learning also .As such how they will facilitate in skills acquisition God Knows? I opted for a career in Training as it is  my passion and slowly I started working as FreeLancer and taking my own Training and Coaching session. 

Education is primarily  the discover of self and  the secondary function of Education is learning about the world means learning the different Subjects. Our Educational Institutions hardly pay any attention to the primary function of Education. As such we if we want to transform ourself or excel in chosen area of endeavor we need the services of  a Coach.

Neuro Linguistic Programming and Mental Space Psychology is the latest technology  and the potent one which has the ability to Transform.

W.Clement Stone said ” Educational Institutions are Temples of living God?. The context in which he said is absolutely true if we know our structure of success or failure it will us to achieve our goals.

We should move towards our structure of  success and we should consciously move away from structure of failure. 

The statement of W,Clement Stone can never be true for Universities in India specially north India. North India specially around the National Capital Area. 

Hello, My name is Biplab Kumar Prasad.  I an NLP Master Practitioner along with it I also have a NLP Trainers Training Certification. My mission in life is to empower my Trainees so that they can realize the tremendous potentiality with which they are all born with. Our greatest strength lies in proper and positive use of our internal resources. Our  Internal resources are our Thoughts, Feelings, Beliefs Experiences  and our Self-Image, I have written the book “Discover The Genius In Yourself: Step By Step Guide  To Harness Excellence”.

My upcoming books are Embrace Confidence, Structure of Confidence and Ace Interviews & Group Discussions with the latest Technology of NLP&MSP. The prime purpose of writing this books is to empower younger generation so that they have the latest techniques to deal with the problems or the challenges of life. 

I would like to thank Mr R.Ramesh Prasad(Onefluencer) and Ms. Sue Knight(Author of NLP at Work) for their guidance and support. I learnt to sing and dance which is sign of flexibility in life.

I would like to thank Dr. Bhavana Nissima Director of Mental Space Academy India. I would also like to thank Dr Lukas Derks pioneer of Society for Mental Space Academy for writing innumerable books on Mental Space Psychology. For the past three I am living in complete awareness of my Self-Image.

I was a  athlete in School and College like athletic in training also the objective is Peak Performance. As such any training or coaching session must culminate in Peak Performance of the Trainees or Coachees. 

Charles Garfield has written a book on Peak Performance which highlights the mental make or simulation of  Sportsmen like them we can also measure our progress as well stimulate so that we can Perform well in our area of endeavor

Our Beliefs are our best friend they will never betray us , if  someone really believes he can do something he will do it  and if he believes that something is impossible no amount of effort will convince that it will be accomplished.

There  are certain Limiting Believes like I am a victim, I don’t deserve it, I am not strong enough, It is too late now can limit a person from utilizing their internal resources and unconscious competence.

I believe in Structure and  Cause every problem has a structure as well as every Outcome has a structure. People suffering from Depression normally take a number of medicines but medicines will have short term effect. There are certain structures of Depression first is either the Self-Image will be absent or person will not be associated with his or her Self Image and there will be darkness in the mental space of the concerned person. People having Depression will always move towards Problem state and they move away from Desired state, they will be disassociated from their goals. 

They can easily can easily overcome or come out of Depression by being associated with their Self-Image then moving towards their Desired State and moving away from Problem State etc.


Feedback & Reviews

Here are some of the Feedbacks of my Coachees

“I learned Clean Language from Biplab Sir specially how we can talk in terms of the other person’s interest without using any filters .”

Hemant Saini

Customer Care Executive

” I attended the Self Image Management coaching which helped me to become confident as I was shy and hesitant speaker.”

Amit Vashisht

 MBA Student 

“I improved my communication skills and I also became confident speaker after attending the coaching  sessions and now speak effortlessly .”

Akshay Mishra


How May I hep You ?

I provide coaching and training on a range of topics I have mentioned below as well as I have mentioned on my home page as  well.

I provide coaching and training  services on host of topics but one topic is dear to my heart “Self-Image Management”.

Resolving Trauma, dealing with Anger, Anxiety and Stress. Overcoming Depression.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder(PTSD) which has become a common issue for a considerable chunk of Society and the irony is that people are not aware of it as well. We use the fast phobia cure exercise to address this issue along with numerous other techniques.We have a number of exercises to address Anxiety like  Anchoring, Dissociation, Reframing etc.

I work with people who want transformation, Paradigm shift or change in their Life. 

The difference between a Coach and a Trainer is the Position a Coach is beside You and a Trainer is right in front specifically in mental space as such the trainer is showing you the mirror and the coach is at same position of the Cohee and seeing from the eyes of Cohee and listening from ears of Cohee and Feeling what the Cohee is feeling and the Coach has  full access to the maps of Cohee.

Similarly in our relations also if anybody is in front and behind us in mental space there will be conflict but if anybody is besides us they will support and empower us like a Coach.

Stage Fright, Fear of public speaking  are some of the common issues people face, This fear of public speaking originates from various programs and meta programs people use unconsciously before speaking. Imagining being watched, Judged or rejected.

One prominent Problem Thinking people has before speaking is what will people think about it. Some people imagine not being able to speak at all. Some people remember  a time in the past when they were humiliated by teachers or trainers for  being ill prepared for presentation.

“You are not good enough ” This phrase many people take it at face value from childhood and take for granted innumerable limitations. This feeling of in-competency can inhibit people from performing at the peak of their ability.

Need Advice?

Consultation Charges Rs 500

For Coaching and Training Sessions Rs 500 per hour